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How does the face age?
As we age, all parts of our face starts to sag as the skin starts losing its elasticity from loss of collagen and elastin; two important proteins in our skin. We also begin to lose volume not only from a loss of skin protein but also our fat begins to shrivel up and shrink in size. A loss of these important subcutaneous (under skin) structures undermines our overlying skin, causing the sagging facial skin appearance that characterizes aging.

Not all people age the same; some lose more volume than others while some have more vertical descending of their skin.

Before & after for our mini facelift procedure, under local anesthesia

*Case study of our mini facelift procedure, under local anesthesia. Individual results may vary
*What can be achieved with a face and necklift and who is a good candidate?
The face is often times described in “thirds”. The upper third of the aging face involves the forehead and eyelid region, the middle third comprising the upper cheek and lower eyelid region, and the lower third as the lower cheek/jowl/jaw region. Each third of the aging face is dealt with separately to restore a youthful appearance.

A facelift and neck lift targets the lower third as the lower cheek, jowl, and jaw line of the face and neck region. Anything that will cause the skin to lose elasticity will hasten the process, including sun exposure, weight fluctuations and heredity factors.

Patients with loose skin or “jowls” on the lower part of their face due to aging or sun damage or patients who have recently lost a good deal of weight and want to tighten the loose skin usually get face lifts to rectify the problem. Depending on the amount of loose tissue and skin to be tightened, a patient can be a candidate for either a full facelift or a mini facelift.

A mini face lift involves making smaller incisions around the ear. A mini facelift is not quite as invasive as a traditional facelift as it involves smaller incisions and the use of tiny stitches. A full face lift incision would be more extensive, continue around the facial hairline and behind the ear and end about two inches from the middle-back of the neck. Full facelifts separate the facial skin away from the underlying muscle and tissue and results in more recovery time. Ideal candidates for facelifts should be in good health and have strong jaw and cheekbone structure, for a good foundation.

*Individual results may vary
A facelift will not be able to successfully treat a “turkey neck,” which is loose skin attached to a drooping muscle underneath the chin. Loose skin beneath the chin and along the neck can cause deep wrinkling along the neck, and the appearance of a “double chin.” Through neck lift surgery, We can effectively smooth out the wrinkles and restore the smooth slender contours of a youthful neck. During a neck lift surgery, We get rid of stubborn fat deposits, smoothes and tightens the sheet of muscle that surrounds the structures of the neck, and snips away excess skin. A neck lift compliments the results achieved with a facelift so oftentimes the procedures are often performed together to achieve comprehensive facial rejuvenation of the lower third of the face.

What procedures may be combined with a Face Lift?
During your consultation, We will assess the loss of volume and downward descent of your face. He will be able to evaluate whether additional volume enhancement is necessary as part of rejuvenating your face. This can be accomplished either with fat grafting or long lasting fillers. We are very careful about maintaining the balance of your facial features as to not over-accentuate one feature over the other. Natural beauty is ensuring a proportional balance in one’s facial features. Many patients elect to have their facelifts in concurrence with other facial procedures such as eyelid surgery, cheeklift, and rhinoplatsy as to recover from healing all at the same time.

A point to keep in mind is that a facelift will not change the texture of the skin. Acne scars, age spots, fine lines and smoker creases will still remain even after a facelift. To combat these other issues, Dr. Liu recommends combining other treatments such as lasers or chemical peels to achieve a fully rejuvenated flawless appearance.

*Individual results may vary
What type of anesthesia is used for this procedure?
The surgery is performed under sedation with local anesthesia and takes about 2-3 hours to perform depending on being a mini-facelift or a traditional facelift. It can be performed under general anesthesia should the patient desire as well.

*What is the recovery like?
Most patients experience minimal discomfort after the procedure. Discoloration is minimal. Majority of the swelling will generally improve over 5-7 days, but it will take several weeks for all the swelling to resolve. Most individuals will be able to return to work and social activities within 10-14 days although some swelling will still be present. The scars from the incisions are very well hidden around the ear and hairline. They can take several months before fading significantly.

Why should you choose Awaken Aesthetics?
At Awaken Aesthetics, our surgeons have intensive subspecialty fellowship training in cosmetic surgery of the eyes and face that extends far past standard postgraduate surgical training. This is why Awaken Aesthetics surgeons were voted (Daily Breeze, BestofLA) one of the top Oculoplastic and cosmetic surgeons. Awaken Aesthetics has a global patient base, attracting patients from all over the country and internationally. Oculoplastic surgeons have a background in eye surgery, arguably the most delicate of all surgeries as most procedures are performed under microscopes where micrometers of difference separate a disaster outcome from an excellent result. The facelift procedure is the crème de la crème of plastic and cosmetic surgery. Every detail of the procedure can yield a different result. That is why it is critical to select a surgeon accustomed to such fine surgical details. It is also important to pick a surgeon who has an artistic eye as the facelift procedure truly is crafted and created.

I am interested! What do I do next?
If you are considering this procedure we encourage you to schedule a consultation with us. During this visit we will listen to your concerns and discuss your options. We will tell you whether you are a suitable candidate for this procedure and inform you of the potential risks of the procedure. There is a great variety in patients’ faces and features and each procedure must be custom tailored for the patient to get the best possible result. As a facelift can change a person’s appearance, it is important to be properly evaluated to make sure that a person’s features still stay balanced and symmetric to their face. You will also have a chance to view before and after photo albums of his patients who have undergone procedures similar to what you are considering.

*Individual results may vary

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