Hairline Lowering Surgery

Image-for-Awaken-Hairline Lowering surgery, also known as Forehead Reduction or Forehead Lowering surgery, can benefit men and women who feel self-conscious because they have a  large forehead, or an excessively high hairline. The procedure is done to adjust the frontal hairline downward, so that it is in balance with the other facial features.

At Awaken Aesthetics, hair lowering surgery is performed by Dr. Natalie Attenello, who specializes in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, and is also an expert in this area. The procedure transforms the appearance of the forehead by shifting the hair and scalp lower onto the forehead – resulting in a more balanced and aesthetically pleasing proportions.

The Procedure

Hairline Lowering Surgery is typically performed on an outpatient basis, and may be done under  general anesthesia, or local anesthesia with IV sedation. Surgery time ranges from 1-2 hours, depending on the complexity.

The incisions for surgery are generally made just within the hairline, so that they are not easily visible after the operation.  During the procedure the excess forehead skin is taken away, and the scalp advanced.



Hairline lowering is a low risk procedure with minimal side-effects.  Some bruising and swelling can be expected after the operation, and patients are generally advised to take about a week off from work and routine activities. Ice compresses can be used to reduce swelling or other discomfort.


Hairline lowering surgery is a safe and effective procedure to contour and shape the forehead. Final results can take up to 6 weeks to show. During this period the hair will gradually grow out and hide the scar, so patients can then comb their hair back without concern that the scars will be noticeable.

If you have a very prominent forehead that you would like to reduce with hair lowering surgery, call us now at (310) 791-2233, to schedule a consultation with Dr. Attenello.

*Individual results may vary