Five Aspects when considering a Facelift

A facelift or rhytidectomy surgery is one of the most empowering procedures in plastic surgery.  Many people undergo the procedure for a variety of reasons, though mostly patients feel their outer older appearance does not match their more youthful energy.  Before going through a facelift procedure, people should consider the following:


The right motivation is important when undergoing plastic surgery as it could affect how people feel about the outcome. People should already have a good self-image and simply want to rejuvenate their appearance. A facelift may restore a person’s confidence and self-esteem but it won’t necessarily resolve deep-rooted issues in a person’s life.


It’s important people have realistic expectations when undergoing facial cosmetic surgery in Torrance. A facelift can help fine tune a person’s features, reduce wrinkles and enhance their esthetic appeal, which will make them feel better about their appearance. This treatment, however, won’t transform people into something or someone they’re not.  A facelift has the best results when it does not change the patient’s overall identity, but instead rejuvenates their own natural and unique physical characteristics.

Emotional State

People under stress or suffering from an emotional trauma shouldn’t schedule plastic surgery until they have fully recovered. Mental or emotional problems could affect a person’s recovery from a surgical procedure. People who are in a good frame of mind will heal quicker.


Like any surgery or procedure, there are always risks. Before undergoing a facelift, people should discuss these risks with their doctor and have the confidence that they can work out post-surgical problems if and when they arise.


Though the facelift procedure provides the most definitive and longest lasting results for facial rejuvenation, it is more costly than simply fillers and neuromodulators such as Botox.  This is one note to keep in mind when planning for the procedure.

By considering these aspects in advance people will be in a better position to have cosmetic surgery in Torrance.

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