Hair Restoration through Cultured Cells

Surgical hair restoration has undergone many new advancements in the past decade. Traditional methods of restoration often involved the transplanting of hair follicles from one area to another. This can still be done to excellent effect depending on the patient, but there are also some new and emerging options that could be beneficial to those seeking non-invasive and effective options. Hair restoration through cultured cells is one of these potential solutions.

Restoring Hair With Cultured Cells

Hair restoration through cellular implants has been considered by scientists for some time. With this type of hair restoration, the type of cell that generally grows follicles would be implanted in the area without hair. This would be preferred to older methods because rather than having to remove and implant follicles, doctors could create new follicles altogether. Unfortunately, this strategy would not work in human patients until recently. Studies are now finding that hair can be restored through replaced follicles but only if the follicular cells are cultured first. This gives the cells a chance to grow in a group.  Treatments such as Platelet Rich Plasma are successful for helping restore hair less based upon these principles.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Cellular Implants

There are many advantages to this new form of hair restoration. Because hair follicles would not be taken from elsewhere on the body, the hair from the harvest site would not be thinned out. This also reduces the amount of healing required for the patient since these modern procedures are minimally invasive. Cellular implants could be used to greatly thicken thinning hair or naturally thin hair.

However, there can be downsides to this therapy as well. Multiple treatments could be needed because the follicles could take time to develop. The treatment as a whole takes longer because of the development of the follicles and then the growth of the hair. The actual texture and color of the hair may not always be the same because of the process of growing a new follicle.

This new type of hair restoration in Torrance shows a lot of promise, and it is an excellent alternative as well as an adjunct to surgery. As the process is refined, it may very well become one of the best options available. Presently, the most effective path towards hair restoration is through surgery. Surgery can quickly and affordable give patients a thicker head of hair with very minimal symptoms and recovery time.

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