Hairline Lowering and Hair Restoration in Torrance

A large, prominent forehead can be a cause of low self-esteem for many.

Many people cut their hair with bangs, or so that pieces sweep over their forehead, in order to hide it from view and make it seem smaller.

Those who stress over the size of their forehead or worry about the placement of their hairline luckily don’t have to live with it.

In Torrance, hair restoration is an option for hairline lowering.

Read more to find out how this works.

The Ins and Outs of Hairline Lowering

Hairline lowering is also called scalp advancement or forehead reduction surgery. During the procedure, the patient’s hairline is advanced forward a certain distance. In order to achieve this, a small area of forehead skin is adjusted.

Hairline lowering is an outpatient procedure using light anesthesia.

Recovery usually takes about a week, and the desired end result is usually achieved within 3-6 weeks. The surgery is performed so that hair will grow out and hide the scar, so no visible signs of the procedure will be left over when all is said and done.

Who Makes a Good Candidate for Hairline Lowering?

The best candidates for this procedure have skin laxity in sufficient quantities along their scalp. This means the skin is looser, which allows the surgeon to shape the hairline.

Other qualities of a good candidate for forehead reduction include acceptance of the existence of scarring as well as the risks for surgery. In addition, those with thicker hair and a straighter hairline often achieve the most natural-looking results.

What to Do Next

Those who struggle with the height of their hairline or the prominence of their forehead, who are interested in forehead reduction, should make an appointment with a specialist in Torrance. Hair restoration requires special training and skill, as well as determining a patient’s candidacy and aligning their expectations with the probable results.

The right doctor will go over all of the details in depth with the patient and determine what specifically can be done in regard to the patient’s situation. Many factors will influence the results, including the distance the hairline can be lowered and how quickly new hair growth will cover scarring.

The Benefits of Forehead Reduction/Hairline Lowering

Hairline lowering can help balance out the face by minimizing the forehead. Instead of the spotlight being on the upper part of the face, the focus will shift to the facial features, and this often helps create an overall appearance that is much more youthful.

Self-consciousness about one’s appearance can make it harder to grow and nurture confidence. Without confidence, a whole host of social interactions and activities are harder; instead, the person is preoccupied about their appearance and ends up feeling inadequate.

Procedures that eliminate hang-ups and confidence-draining aspects of a person’s appearance can greatly improve their daily lives. With more self-assuredness, they will have the bravery to go after the things they want without anything holding them back.

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