How Can I Get Rid of My Double Chin without Surgery?

How Can I Get Rid of My Double Chin without Surgery?

Do you have a double chin that won’t respond to your diet and exercise efforts?

Then it may be time to introduce yourself to FDA-approved Kybella injections. This non-surgical treatment is one of the best ways to get rid of a double chin – no liposuction or stitches required.

Take a look at how Kybella can get rid of your double chin without surgery, as well as how to make your exciting results last!

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Kybella Injections: Get Rid of that Double Chin for Good!

Kybella is an excellent solution for candidates who have excess submental tissue (under chin fat) that won’t respond to diet and exercise. This non-surgical treatment uses deoxycholic acid to effectively “eat away” at fat cells clustered underneath the chin, all while leaving surrounding healthy tissue untouched. Once damaged, the fat cells shrink in size, causing a noticeable reduction to the double chin.

It typically takes about two Kybella injections for patients to see their ideal results. There’s no downtime involved with Kybella treatments, making it a highly desirable alternative for patients with double chins who want to avoid the expense and hassle of surgery.

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How to Make Kybella Results Last

Kybella results can be long-lasting, provided you use the following steps:

  1. Hydrate immediately after your Kybella treatment; this can help flush out the damaged fat cells.
  2. Continue to follow a healthy lifestyle. While Kybella can treat existing fat cells, it cannot prevent the formation of new fat cells.
  3. Ask about skin-tightening treatments if you start to notice sagging skin after your Kybella treatment. Patients with significant submental tissue may see their best results by combining Kybella injections with non-surgical skin tightening.

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