How Does CoolTone® Work?

How Does CoolTone® Work?

You can spend countless hours in the gym doing all the situps, crunches, squats, and weight training that you can manage and still be disappointed in your results. You may not have the six-pack abs that you were working towards. Your thighs may still lack definition, and you may continue to have shapeless or sagging buttocks.  If you have worked hard to sculpt your body and feel the results have fallen short of your efforts, then CoolTone® could be the answer for you.

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What Is CoolTone® and How Does It Work?

CoolTone®  is an FDA cleared body contouring treatment. It uses magnetic muscle stimulation (MMS) to develop leaner, firmer, and trimmer muscles. CoolTone®can treat the abs, thighs, and buttocks of men or women.

During your 30 minute treatment, CoolTone’s MMS energy penetrates the skin and reaches the muscles underneath. The energy then causes the muscles to quickly and strongly contract and release. The contractions are stronger than the body’s typical contractions during a workout routine, so they work the muscles more deeply than a normal workout can. 

As a result of these intense contractions, the muscles begin to look firmer and leaner. There will also be increases in strength due to the increased exercising of these muscles. Another benefit is that CoolTone® can also help metabolize local fat deposits, which in turn makes you look firmer and leaner.

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Is CoolTone® Right For Me?

CoolTone® is a great treatment for men and women who are within 15-30 pounds of their ideal weight and are seeking to tone, tighten, and sculpt the abs, thighs, and/or buttocks. Clients typically need 4 treatments to achieve their ideal results. Because there is no downtime and the treatments last only 30 minutes, this is the perfect solution for people with busy lifestyles. 

Clients will experience a feeling of soreness that normally accompanies exercise, so it is recommended that there be no strenuous activity for 48 hours after each treatment.

The very best way to decide if CoolTone® is right for you is to schedule an in-person consultation so that our experts can answer all of your questions and develop an individualized treatment plan for you based on your specific needs and goals.

Dr. Ahn was pretty awesome. He was really nice and super patient with all my silly questions and comments during the procedure. Highly recommend!!!

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