How Long Is Recovery From Otoplasty?

Otoplasty – also known as ear surgery – can be an essential cosmetic procedure for individuals who may be self-conscious about the appearance of their ears.  Otoplasty can correct several aesthetic issues associated with the ears, including the following:

  • Protruding ears
  • Oversized ears
  • Cauliflower ears
  • Deformed ears

Otoplasty could be a good solution for a patient who is self-conscious about his or her ears for a number of reasons.  The goal of otoplasty is to reshape the ears so that they are more symmetrical and in proportion to the rest of the face.  Patients report feeling much more satisfied and confident in their appearance after otoplasty.

The procedure itself can be straightforward, depending on the ear issue it’s addressing.  However, many potential patients are curious about how long it takes to recover from otoplasty, especially now that summer is in full swing.  For example, younger patients may want to know if they’ll be ready for the school season if they undergo otoplasty right now.

So how long does it take to recover from otoplasty?

The answer might surprise you, as most people are able to return to work or school after a week of recovery.  The entire recovery process can be broken down into the following phases:

  • First week: The patient wears compression garments over the ears to help reduce swelling and hold the new ear shape.
  • Second week: The patient is able to return back to work or school; most patients are able to cover their ears, depending on the hairstyle. The patient will need to wear a headband all day and night to help with healing and shape retention.  Most patients are able to stop wearing the headband after the third week.
  • Third week to three months: Swelling will be completely resolved, and patients will be able to enjoy their new ears!

Want to learn more about the otoplasty recovery process? Schedule your consultation at Awaken Aesthetics,with board certified plastic surgeons, specializing in plastic and cosmetic surgery of the face and body, Dr. Alex Liu & Dr. Eric S Ahn by calling 310.791.2233

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