How Much Does Botox Cost?

How Much Does Botox Cost?

You’ve heard the hype. You’ve seen your friends try it out for themselves. And now you’re finally ready to make that leap:

You’re ready to schedule your first Botox treatment.

Whether you’re already planning out your budget or you’re just curious about what you’ll end up spending, take a look at our informative primer on how much Botox costs.

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4 Factors That May Influence Your Botox Costs

1. The unit price of Botox.

At the moment, the per unit price of Botox is around $12. While this may change over the coming months, it’s a good place to start if you want to price out your Botox injection.

2. Units needed to achieve your desired results.

Most people need anywhere from 20 to 60 Botox units to achieve their desired results, meaning your costs could be between $240 to $720 ($12 per unit x 20 to 60 units). 

That’s a pretty big range, especially if you’re not sure how many units you need to treat your specific skin issues. While we recommend a Botox consultation to find out more, here’s a general rule of thumb: if you want to try Botox as a preventative measure or you have mild forehead wrinkles, you won’t need as many units. If, however, you want to treat moderate frown lines, you may need more Botox units in your injection.

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3. How well you respond to Botox.

Everyone is different, meaning no two people are going to respond to Botox in the same way. If, however, your skin responds well to Botox, you may need less Botox than someone who needs more to see the same results.

4. Your Botox administrator’s expertise.

It may be tempting to get Botox from someone who’s offering a cheap special. Try to resist the temptation, as the experience of your Botox administrator can have a significant influence on your results.

Botox from a plastic surgeon may cost more than at a medical spa, but that surgeon has gone through extensive schooling and training to understand every little detail about your facial muscles.

That means your Botox results may look more natural and unique to you!

“Dr. Ahn is not only talented and highly skilled – he is truthful. He is so kind and answered all my many questions regarding several different procedures. Faith, at the front desk is not only helpful but knowledgeable in this arena. I absolutely recommend Dr.Ahn!!! I have been going to Dr.Ahn for several years for Botox and have never experienced any bruising. Thank you Dr. Ahn for being such an amazing person and having such skilled hands :)” *

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