Is Botox Safe?

Is Botox Safe?

Let’s face it: You’re ready to get rid of those annoying forehead lines and wrinkles. You’ve tried plenty of serums and moisturizers, but nothing seems to fade the appearance of frown lines that have started cropping up in recent years.

If you’re like most people trying to tackle signs of forehead aging, you may be a good candidate for Botox injections. But maybe the thought of getting injections – especially so close to your eyes – makes you feel a little cautious. 

That’s why we’re about to do a little digging around this common question: Is Botox actually safe?

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Is Botox Safe?

Rest easy, because Botox is considered to be extremely safe. In fact, it’s so safe that the FDA has approved Botox for multiple uses, including treating fine lines, crow’s feet, and even minimizing symptoms of migraines and hyperhidrosis (talk about multi-tasking!). 

In order to get FDA approval, Botox had to go through multiple clinical trials demonstrating its efficacy and safety at treating aging symptoms. From 1983 until 2003, Botox was only shown to have adverse effects in 36 cases, which means allergic reactions to this product are incredibly rare. 

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One reason why people may not consider Botox safe might have to do with its main protein: botulinum toxin. While this protein is also present in snake venom, the strain that’s used in Botox is incredibly safe and non-toxic, meaning there’s nothing to worry about if you want to use Botox to treat forehead lines and wrinkles.

How Long Do the Effects of Botox Last?

The effects of Botox usually last about three to four months, depending on the patient. Results include minimized wrinkles and forehead lines, as well as smoother skin. If used on the corners of the eyes, patients usually notice that their crow’s feet are harder to see.

I saw Dr. Ann while I was in town visiting my brother and complained that the Botox I got a couple months ago in Nashville didn’t work like I wanted, so my brother took me to see his guy, Dr. Ahn, and he helped me out. I’m leaving today and it’s been about a week since I saw him and my forehead is already seeing the results. The wrinkles have softened some and I look younger in the face. It’s kinda crazy how much some intense wrinkles will change your appearance. I’ll post before after pics in a week to make sure the full affect is taking place.

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