Is Recovery From an Eyelid Lift Painful?

Is Recovery From an Eyelid Lift Painful?

An eyelid lift – also referred to as a blepharoplasty – is an excellent surgical procedure that can help patients who suffer from excess bags around the eyes.  The eyelid lift works to correct sagging and drooping upper eyelids while removing fat deposits underneath the lower eyelids.  The end result can help patients look more awake and revitalized, all while minimizing the appearance of sagging, wrinkling, and other aging effects.

While blepharoplasty procedures are pretty common (in fact, it’s one of the most popular surgical procedures in the United States), many patients are still concerned about the recovery process.  Common questions include:

  • How long will it take to recover from blepharoplasty?
  • Is the recovery process painful?
  • When can I expect to see results?

If you’re considering undergoing blepharoplasty and want to know more about the recovery process, here are the answers to the most common questions, stated above.


How long will it take to recover from blepharoplasty?

It’s usually recommended that you take 1-2 weeks off from work for the recovery process.  Much of this time off can be attributed to aesthetic concerns; your eyes will be swollen and bruised, so you may not want to be around coworkers during this time.  However, the real recovery length depends on the patient.  Some people are able to return to work within one week; others may take up to three weeks to see swelling and bruising subside.

Is the recovery process painful?

The first few days after the initial procedure can be uncomfortable; that’s why it’s important for patients to regularly ice and keep their heads elevated.  Doing so can lead to a noticeable difference in swelling reduction by the end of the first two weeks.  Your surgeon can also help with pain management by prescribing medications.

When can I expect to see results?

The full healing process can take up to a year; however, patients can expect to see their swelling and bruising completely gone by the first month.  Healing can be expedited by following your surgeon’s instructions.


To learn more about what you can expect from eyelid lift recovery, schedule a consultation with Board-Certified Surgeon Dr. Alex Liu or Dr. Eric Ahn at Awaken Aesthetics in Torrance, CA! Call us at (301) 791-2233.

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