Restore Your Hair Naturally with PRP Therapy

Restore Your Hair Naturally with PRP Therapy

Regenerative medicine has been one of the most exciting medical fields in recent history.  Researchers have made multiple discoveries over the years, many of which can have profound implications for clients who want to look and feel younger.  The same can be said for hair loss, as there’s considerable evidence that regenerative medicine can help naturally re-stimulate hair growth.

On the forefront of regenerative hair growth is PRP (platelet-rich plasma) therapy.   Although scientific research is still relatively new in this field, there’s a growing body of evidence that suggests PRP therapy can help clients restore lost hair without requiring the use of hair transplant surgery.

How Does PRP Therapy Work for Hair Loss?

PRP therapy takes advantage of the many fascinating functions that your blood can do.  Not only does your blood carry oxygen to your muscles, but it also provides your body with the healing powers it needs to recover from cuts and wounds.  These platelets are responsible for helping the body rapidly heal after experiencing a wound, as well fighting off infections.

Thanks to the platelet’s ability to reinvigorate growth and stimulate healing, platelets can also be used to stimulate cell growth.  That’s why PRP therapy is such a promising treatment for clients who’ve been experiencing hair loss.

During the PRP treatment, platelets are removed from your blood (the removal process is much like getting your blood taken at the doctor’s office).  Once the platelets have been sterilized, they can be used for hair restoration in a number of ways:

  • The platelets can be applied directly to the scalp to encourage hair growth. This is the ideal treatment choice for patients who cannot undergo surgery.
  • The platelets can be used to improve the appearance of post-op wounds, thus reducing the likelihood that there will be scarring.
  • The platelets can be applied to the scalp before the procedure, thus increasing the odds that the hair graft will be successful.

To learn more about using PRP therapy for hair restoration, schedule a consultation with Dr. Eric Ahn at Awaken Aesthetics in Torrance, California today. (310) 791-2233

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