What are the Benefits of Using PRP with Microneedling?

What are the Benefits of Using PRP with Microneedling?

Want to find a way to supercharge your microneedling treatments – using your body’s own growth-activating powers?

Then it’s time to introduce yourself to microneedling with PRP, the most innovative solution to tackling your biggest complexion issues like broken veins, acne scarring, wrinkles and more!

Torrance PRP with microneeding

What is PRP?

PRP (which stands for platelet-rich plasma) is your body’s secret weapon in the fight against aging. When combined with a special serum, your platelets’ abilities to regenerate collagen and build up elastin go into overdrive, causing the skin to look younger, feel firmer, and take years off of your appearance.

6 Major Benefits of Using PRP with Microneedling

1. It evens out skin tone.

PRP with microneedling is exceptional at treating signs of hyperpigmentation, as well as age spots and dry texture.

2. It fades away stubborn scars.

If you have acne scars that still make you feel like you have a breakout, microneedling with PRP can help fade them faster.

3. It makes your skin look more radiant.

All that excess collagen and elastin can help create a glowing and radiant complexion.

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4. It reduces wrinkles and fine lines.

Want to take years off of your appearance? Microneedling with PRP can fade wrinkles and erase those stubborn facial fine lines.

5. It treats facial veins.

Microneedling with PRP is one of the few treatments that can create a visible reduction in broken capillaries, rosacea, and more.

6. It reduces enlarged pores.

Want skin that’s selfie-ready at all times? PRP with microneedling can reduce pore size for smooth and practically flawless-looking skin.

After years of struggling with my skin and navigating aesthetic procedures, I am so happy to have found Awaken Aesthetics! I have been coming to Awaken Aesthetics to see Dr. Eric Ahn for a variety of skin & beauty treatments (PRP/Micro-needling among others) for about two years, and I am never going anywhere else for the treatments I do here.

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