What is the Difference Between Botox and Fillers?

What is the Difference Between Botox and Fillers?

You’ve heard about Botox. You’ve heard about fillers. You know that both types of injections can help you look younger. Trouble is, you haven’t heard too much about the differences between the two types of anti-aging injections. That’s a problem, especially if you aren’t exactly sure what treatment you should opt for.

So what’s the difference between Botox and fillers? And how do you know which anti-aging treatment is right for you?

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First, let’s begin by exploring the main difference between the two anti-aging treatments: their active ingredients. On the one hand, Botox contains botulinum toxin type A, a type of safe neurotoxin that’s used to block the brain’s nerve signals, which tricks facial muscles into relaxing. As a result, the skin’s surface becomes smoother, which helps erase fine lines and forehead furrows.

On the other hand, dermal fillers, such as Juvederm, usually contain hyaluronic acid (HA), a natural compound that’s renowned for retaining up to 10x its own weight in water molecules. HA helps plump out key facial areas that have lost significant volume as a result of the aging process. Not all dermal fillers are the same; some contain a thinner HA gel, which can be used to plump up facial areas that are exposed to constant movement (like the lips).

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Candidates should know that Botox is best for treating forehead wrinkles and lines, while dermal fillers are ideal for replacing lost facial volume and augmenting facial areas that may be thinning as a result of aging. If you’re not sure which anti-aging injection is right for you, not to worry – we can work with you to ensure you achieve your desired results with Botox, dermal fillers, or both.

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