Who Makes a Good Candidate for Plastic Surgery in Torrance?

Plastic surgery can modify the face and make a person feel and look more attractive, younger, or self-confident.

However, not everyone is right for this type of surgery.

Good plastic surgery candidates have a few key things in common.

First, they have reasonable expectations. They understand that surgery isn’t a magic cure for low self-confidence, too.

Next, they are in good health. This means that they have no big medical issues, they aren’t overweight, and their bodies are resilient as a result. They don’t smoke, and neither do they drink heavily.

However, for different types of surgeries, some people are more fit than others. Read on to find out what it takes to be an ideal candidate for different types of plastic surgery in the Torrance area.

Candidacy for Different Types of Plastic Surgeries: What It Takes

Face Lift or Neck Lift

Besides the general requirements for a good candidate, others include having sagging, wrinkled skin with noticeable jowls or a double chin. The skin must also be elastic. Those who are extremely overweight are not candidates for face lifts.

Brow Lift or Forehead Lift

Those with a heavy brow are good candidates for a brow lift. Other candidates may have frown lines or deep forehead wrinkles. Those who are balding are not good candidates.

Nose Job or Rhinoplasty

Obviously, people with large noses, nose bumps, or a droopy nose tip are eligible candidates for a rhinoplasty. A good candidate is additionally a fully developed adult (and finished growing) and doesn’t play contact sports (which come with a high risk of injury to the face).

Chin or Cheek Implants

Patients who want chin or cheek implants must accept the possibility that their implant could become infected, that their body could reject it, or that it could shift position. Those with a weak chin are good candidates for chin implants. People with sagging cheeks should not consider cheek implants, but those with flat cheekbones are good candidates for the procedure.

Lip Enhancement or Augmentation

People who have the following conditions are not good candidates for lip enhancements: autoimmune diseases such as lupus or rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, herpes, or those prone to severe allergic reactions.

Things to Keep in Mind when Considering Surgery

Plastic surgery in Torrance is an investment and should not be taken lightly. Most procedures require extensive recovery time, special care, and patience to see desired results, which often take months to become visible (after any applicable swelling, redness, and the like have dissipated).

Additionally, those wishing to slow down or pause the aging process need to be mindful that aging keeps happening even after having procedures.

Many men and women have face lifts in their 50s, for instance, but they end up considering a second procedure years later because the natural aging process continues.

As long as those looking for facial enhancement or reconstruction are aware of the risks, requirements, and long-term effects, they are primed for a healthy experience and a good outcome.

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