Plasma Rich Platelet Therapy (PRP)

What Can PRP Be Used For?

When it comes to the most powerful and effective skincare treatments, very few things come close to PRP (platelet-rich plasma) therapy.

PRP is a concentration of platelets derived from a patient’s own blood. Here’s how it works: PRP is injected into the damaged areas of the skin, and the growth factors present in the platelets soon get to work renewing the skin cells. 

The tissue regeneration process results in smoother, tighter skin, and fewer wrinkles. The effects start to appear about two weeks after treatment and typically last for a year or more.

Let’s take a closer look at what PRP therapy can be used for!

*Individual Results May Vary

3 Things PRP Can Be Used to Treat

1. It can treat dark circles underneath the eyes.

If you have dark circles that don’t seem to go away even with a good night’s sleep, then PRP treatments can help. Platelets can help encourage cellular turnover as well as break down the melanin that causes dark undereye circles, meaning you’ll look more refreshed and rejuvenated after a series of PRP treatments.

2. PRP treatments […]

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What are the Benefits of Using PRP with Microneedling?

Want to find a way to supercharge your microneedling treatments – using your body’s own growth-activating powers?

Then it’s time to introduce yourself to microneedling with PRP, the most innovative solution to tackling your biggest complexion issues like broken veins, acne scarring, wrinkles and more!

What is PRP?

PRP (which stands for platelet-rich plasma) is your body’s secret weapon in the fight against aging. When combined with a special serum, your platelets’ abilities to regenerate collagen and build up elastin go into overdrive, causing the skin to look younger, feel firmer, and take years off of your appearance.

6 Major Benefits of Using PRP with Microneedling

1. It evens out skin tone.

PRP with microneedling is exceptional at treating signs of hyperpigmentation, as well as age spots and dry texture.

2. It fades away stubborn scars.

If you have acne scars that still make you feel like you have a breakout, microneedling with PRP can help fade them faster.

3. It makes your skin look more radiant.

All that excess collagen and elastin can help create a glowing and radiant complexion. […]

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How Can I Reverse Hair Loss?

Whether you’re a man or a woman, young or old, there’s one truth that’s universally acknowledged: hair loss can be a huge bummer.

While hair loss is extremely common and can happen for any number of reasons – genetics, aging, wearing too-tight hairstyles – that doesn’t mean you have to accept the fact that it’s happening. If you’re asking yourself, “How can I reverse hair loss?”, it’s time to discover PRP Hair Restoration at Awaken Aesthetics!

What is PRP Hair Restoration?


PRP Hair Restoration uses the power of platelet-rich plasma (that’s what the PRP stands for) to combat hair loss on a client’s scalp. PRP Hair Restoration completely eliminates the need for scalp surgery or other expensive treatments; additionally, the hair grows back in a much more natural pattern, so your friends and work colleagues won’t be able to guess at your secret.

Here’s how it works: Platelets are removed from your blood and added to a special serum that activates their growth factors. Once this formula is made, the serum is added to a special micro needling machine that carefully but quickly injects the platelets […]

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When Will I See Results From a PRP Facial?

By now, you probably know that a PRP Facial is one of the best ways to rejuvenate and tone the skin – all by simply using your body’s own platelets. If you haven’t heard of the PRP Facial, then you’re in for a treat!

Here’s a quick recap: the PRP Facial combines the power of a micro-needling treatment with platelets to activate your skin’s growth factors. Micro-needling creates small wounds within the skin, which triggers the body’s healing processes (in other words, it kick-starts collagen production). After these microscopic channels are created, your platelets are added to a growth factor serum and injected back into the skin.

*Individual Results May Vary

About PRP Facial

With just a single treatment, clients can expect to see rejuvenated skin, with a noticeable improvement of the following signs of aging:

  • Wrinkles
  • Fine lines
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Signs of fatigue
  • Undereye bags
  • Loose skin
  • And more

PRP Facial Results

With so many great results from this procedure, it’s no wonder more patients ask: “When will I see results from a PRP Facial?”

If you’re looking for a quick fix for signs of aging, the PRP Facial might be your best option. Most patients see […]

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Who Is a Good Candidate for PRP Therapy Hair Restoration?


PRP therapy (also known as platelet-rich plasma therapy) has shown promise for skin rejuvenation – and now it looks like fading hairlines are next. Clinical studies have shown that PRP therapy can help restore hair, making it an excellent option for both men and women who are looking for a non-surgical hair restoration solution.

PRP for hair loss Torrance

So how exactly does it work? PRP hair therapy can be broken down into two main steps:

  • Step 1: A small amount of blood (no more than two or three teaspoons) is removed from the patient’s arm. This blood is placed into a centrifuge device and cleaned, which separates the platelets from the rest of the blood. These platelets are added to a special serum that activates its growth factors.
  • Step 2: The platelets are injected into various areas of the scalp, including around the natural hairline and where any thinning hair might be visible.


Once the platelets have been applied to the scalp, most patients begin to see hair regrowth within a few months. The hair that grows back is completely yours – that means you can pull it, shower with it, or even swim with it. It won’t fall […]

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How Can I Effectively Treat My Undereye Bags?

If you have undereye bags, it may feel like there’s nothing you can do to make yourself look refreshed and rejuvenated. Serums, creams, and even getting a full night’s sleep can do little against the bags that might make you look older than you actually are. Is there anything that will help you get rid of your undereye bags for good?

As it turns out, there are a lot of treatments that can accomplish this goal – and they’re all available at Awaken Aesthetics in Torrance, CA!


Whether you’re looking for a non-invasive treatment or a surgical procedure, here’s how Awaken Aesthetics can effectively treat your undereye bags:

  • Lower Blepharoplasty: This surgical procedure is an excellent approach to getting rid of moderate to severe undereye bags. The lower blepharoplasty procedure is performed by making small incisions along the lower eyelid. Once the incisions have been created, the plastic surgeon removes fat pads and rearranges muscles to create a smoother look. The surgery also removes excess skin that might exacerbate the appearance of undereye bags.
  • Facial Fat Grafting: Undereye bags can look worse if other facial areas are losing key volume. Facial fat […]
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Vampire Facelift vs. Traditional Facelift: Which Is Better?

If you’ve been struggling to treat the appearance of jowls, facial wrinkles, and sagging skin with over-the-counter beauty products, you’re in luck: there are more cosmetic treatments than ever dedicated to giving a youthful appearance back to your face.  At Awaken Aesthetics in Torrance, CA, we’re proud to offer two innovative treatments designed to tackle facial aging:

Both treatments can lead to excellent results, with highly satisfied patients who can’t wait to show off their invigorated new appearance.  However, these treatments are designed to tackle different components of facial aging.  So when it comes down to it, which is better: a Vampire Facelift, or a traditional Facelift?

A Vampire Facelift is an innovative non-surgical procedure that uses platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy to revitalize tired, aging skin.  During the first part of this procedure, a few teaspoons of blood are drawn from the upper arm and placed in a centrifuge for platelet removal.  The second part involves using a micro-needling device to inject the platelets into the facial region.  Growth factors in the platelets increase cellular turnover, which helps address:

How Does Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy Treat Hair Loss?

Have you heard about platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy yet?  If so, you’ve probably heard about it in reference to a facial treatment that’s designed to increase cellular turnover, improve the appearance of skin, and even help take years off of your appearance.

But PRP therapy isn’t just for the face anymore; in fact, one of the most exciting treatments today is PRP hair restoration!


Before we dive into how it helps improve the appearance of the hairline, let’s first explore what PRP therapy is. PRP therapy uses the power of your blood’s own growth factors to trigger wound healing processes within the body.  Here’s how it works: Dr. Ahn removes a small amount of blood from the upper arm (much like when you get your blood drawn).  Your blood is placed in a centrifuge, which quickly cleanses and separates growth factors from the blood.  These growth factors are mixed with a special solution that triggers the wound-healing processes vital for rejuvenation.

PRP therapy for hair loss uses these growth factors to rejuvenate hair growth in key areas around the scalp.  Once the solution has been prepared, Dr. Ahn will carefully inject the growth factors into areas where you’re missing hair, such as around the scalp line […]

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Restore Your Hair Naturally with PRP Therapy

Regenerative medicine has been one of the most exciting medical fields in recent history.  Researchers have made multiple discoveries over the years, many of which can have profound implications for clients who want to look and feel younger.  The same can be said for hair loss, as there’s considerable evidence that regenerative medicine can help naturally re-stimulate hair growth.

On the forefront of regenerative hair growth is PRP (platelet-rich plasma) therapy.   Although scientific research is still relatively new in this field, there’s a growing body of evidence that suggests PRP therapy can help clients restore lost hair without requiring the use of hair transplant surgery.

How Does PRP Therapy Work for Hair Loss?

PRP therapy takes advantage of the many fascinating functions that your blood can do.  Not only does your blood carry oxygen to your muscles, but it also provides your body with the healing powers it needs to recover from cuts and wounds.  These platelets are responsible for helping the body rapidly heal after experiencing a wound, as well fighting off infections.

Thanks to the platelet’s ability to reinvigorate growth and stimulate healing, platelets can also be used to stimulate cell growth.  That’s why PRP therapy is such a promising treatment for clients who’ve been experiencing […]

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