Eyebrow Transplant

Image-for-Awaken-The eyebrows add expression and character to the entire face and contribute to overall aesthetic appeal.  A nicely shaped and full eyebrow is considered beautiful and attractive; but aging, illness, excessive plucking, and genetics, are some of the factors that can make them sparse. Eyebrow transplantation or restoration is an excellent and everlasting solution for thin or missing brows.

At Awaken Aesthetics, eyebrow transplantation is performed by Dr. Ahn, a specialist in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery and hair transplantation. Dr. Ahn uses her extensive expertise to help patients achieve fuller, natural-appearing brows.

The Procedure

Eyebrow transplantation is performed either using the strip method or the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technique. The strip method uses a small strip of hair that is then finely dissected into individual hairs.  Alternatively, FUE is carried out with the use of a device that gently extracts individual hair follicles from the donor area, which is usually at the back of the scalp.  Both methods then transplant the individual follicles to the eyebrows.  During your consultation, Dr. Ahn will thoroughly discuss all options and devise an individualized treatment plan for each patient.

After the follicles are processed, the eyebrow area is prepped to receive the grafts. The grafts are then strategically placed so that they blend in seamlessly with the existing hair in the eyebrows. They also have to be input carefully to achieve the desired natural shape and fullness.

The Results

The transplanted hair starts to grow after about 3 months, and the final result will appear within 9-12 months. The brows will fill in nicely, and the hair will have to be trimmed to maintain the look.

If you would like to restore the natural fullness of your brows, call us today on (310) 791-2233, to schedule a consultation.

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