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What Types of Liposuction are Available?

Liposuction can help people shape and contour their bodies by removing stubborn excess fat. However, many people would like a better alternative to traditional liposuction, and now  SmartLipo™ offers an alternative. View More Patient Results

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What is Liposuction?

Using a cannula inserted under the skin through an incision, liposuction breaks up and suctions out the fat. It works in almost any part of the body where fat can accumulate and be hard to remove, from the abdomen and thighs to the submental area under the chin. While liposuction works well to remove fat, it also requires a general anesthetic, and it leaves significant bruising. Fortunately, patients have other options. 

What Types of Liposuction are Available?

Traditional Liposuction

Most liposuction performed still uses this technique. While it works, it does present some concerns. The need for anesthesia introduces some level of risk, and traditional liposuction is quite invasive, breaking fat cells up. Recovery can also present a challenge, with several weeks of heavy bruising and significant discomfort. 


Dr. Liu performs SmartLipo™ instead of standard liposuction. This method […]

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