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How Much is a Lip Lift?

Maybe you’ve been wanting fuller lips, a more prominent lip line, or even for the corners of your lips to be more upturned to give you a brighter, happier expression. Your goal may be to look more youthful by minimizing lines around the lips or just to have more self confidence in your appearance. No matter what the reason, a lip lift will give you permanent, beautiful results. So now that your decision is made, let’s take a look at the cost of a lip lift procedure.

*Individual Results May Vary

The Average Price of a Lip Lift

According to, the average cost of a lip lift procedure is $3275.  Upper lip lifts range from $1000 to 3000. Corner lip lifts can average $2800. Patients who choose to also add implants or combine other treatments, such as fillers, will pay more for the additional services.

The Best Way to Determine Lip Lift Costs

The very best way to determine the cost of your lip lift is always with an in-person consultation with our surgeon, Dr. Eric Ahn. He will help you determine which type […]

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