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Am I a Good Candidate For a Neck Lift?

A neck lift, although often combined with a facelift or rhytidectomy, can sometimes be performed alone in appropriate patient. A neck lift is an excellent solution for women and men who may be frustrated at sagging or excessive wrinkling along the neck.  The best candidates also may be concerned that their aging neck no longer matches their youthful-looking faces.

It’s no surprise that many people undergo a neck lift when they’re still pleased with their facial appearance.  The neck experiences a lot more of the repetitive movements that can lead to wrinkles and stubborn lines.  One popular example of this in action is the recent phenomenon of “text neck.”  As many of us tend to spend a great deal of time on our phones, we’re constantly craning our necks to look at our smartphones.  As a result of this repetitive action, many people are starting to see new wrinkles and lines pop up.

If you’re otherwise happy with your facial appearance (i.e. not ready for a facelift), a neck lift may be the best treatment if your concern is mainly with sagging skin underneath your chin and neck.

What are some other signs that you’re a good candidate for a neck lift?  Take a look:

  • You’re […]
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