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How Long to Wait Before Revision Facelift

Do you feel dissatisfied with the results of a previous facelift? Maybe you loved the results of your last facelift, but they have faded over time. You might be a good candidate for a revision facelift. This procedure corrects or restores the results of a previous facelift, so you feel happy with your appearance again.  View More Patient Results

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What is a Revision Facelift?

A revision facelift is performed when a person feels unhappy with the results of a past facelift, either recent or years ago. You may have had a facelift and noticed as it healed that your results did not look like you planned. You might have been pleased with your facelift results for a decade or more, but signs of aging have started to return. A revision facelift is a complex procedure that requires a skilled surgeon. 

How Long to Wait Before Revision Facelift

After a facelift, swelling can take several months to resolve completely. Results that you dislike initially may improve over time. The surgeons at Awaken Aesthetics recommend waiting at least six months before having a […]

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