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r. Alex Liu is proud to offer the latest non-surgical skin tightening and fat reduction technology, Venus Freeze! Completely pain-free with absolutely no downtime, Dr. Liu is one of the 1st and only providers of this procedure in the South Bay. As a happy patient of Venus Freeze himself, come see Dr. Liu for a complimentary consultation to discuss what Venus Freeze can do for you and hear his own experience first-hand.

Venus Freeze® is the latest revolutionary skin tightening and fat reduction procedure that is truly non-invasive. It is not a surgical procedure so there is no cutting, no stitching, no downtime. It is ideal for patients who are looking for a subtle lift and tightening of their skin as well as a reduction of fat in their face and body as it can be used all over the body.

Unlike lasers that can require significant downtime to heal, Venus Freeze® is a radiofrequency and magnetic field treatment modality. High frequency radiowaves penetrate deep to the skin stimulating new collagen growth, thus lifting and tightening the overlying structures and reducing the fat underneath the skin at the same time.

Ideal candidates usually range from 30’s to 60’s who are not ready for a surgical body-lift. Results can be immediate and can continue to improve with each treatment. Typically 6-8 sessions are needed for results that can last you for years. Sessions are usually performed once every week and last anywhere from 15-40 minutes.

The treatments are often compared to a hot stone massage; it is very gentle and comfortable throughout the entire procedure.

Come in now to see if you are a candidate for this ground breaking, non-invasive procedure.

For more information and before and after photos, please visit our Before and After Venus Treatment photos.

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