Chin Implant


hin and cheek augmentation can provide the necessary definition to balance out and give proportion to a face. It can also correct the loss of facial volume and associated youthful appearance. Chin augmentation can be performed by either placing an implant or moving your chin. For those fearful of surgery, filler injections are a viable alternative, but you will not get the same chin projection and definition that you will with a chin implant. Similarly, cheek augmentations can be performed by placing an implant or taking fatty tissue from other parts of the body and replacing the lost facial volume.

If you’re interested in learning more about a Chin Implant, please contact Awaken Aesthetics to set up a consultation by calling (310) 791-2233 or by completing the form on this page. Awaken Aesthetics serves the Torrance & South Bay, CA areas.

Chin Implant Details

Surgery details

Incisions are made usually beneath the actual skin in a naturally occurring fold called the submental crease. Sizing is determined during your consultation with premade implants

Length of procedures

60-90 minutes


General anesthesia or at least IV sedation recommended

What is the recovery process like?

Majority of swelling and bruising resolved in 3 weeks, with normal mild swelling that can take up to 3 months to resolve. Incisions usually slightly red for at least 4 weeks

How soon can I return to work?

Most patients can resume non-physical work in 2-3 days

How soon can I return to my regular exercise routine?

No lifting more than 20 pounds, and avoid bending/straining for 1 week

Will follow up appointments be necessary?

Usually 1,4, and 12 weeks after surgery

Length of consultation

60 minutes 

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