What is Sculptra?

Did you know that by age 45, you’ve likely lost about 25% of your natural collagen? That’s where Sculptra can help. Sculptra is an FDA-approved dermal filler that uses a proprietary poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA) formula to not only address immediate aging concerns, but also revive and increase collagen production over the long term. Sculptra acts like scaffolding underneath the dermal tissue, helping to add natural-looking volume while smoothing out the appearance of moderate lines and folds.

Am I a Good Candidate for Sculptra?

You’re a good candidate for Sculptra if you’ve started to notice facial volume loss, especially in the midfacial region and around the mouth. The best candidates have moderate nasolabial folds, smile lines, and more.

How Long Does a Sculptra Treatment Take?

A Sculptra treatment can take up to 60 minutes to perform, making it a highly convenient injection for even the busiest of patients.

What Results Will I See?

Results from your Sculptra treatment can include:

  • Improvement in the appearance of facial lines
  • More facial volume, especially around the cheeks and mouth
  • Smooth, dewy skin

Sculptra results can last up to two years, making this one of the longer-lasting dermal fillers available on the market today.

Is There Any Downtime?

There’s minimal downtime with your Sculptra injection, so you shouldn’t have to take any time off after your session. You may experience mild tenderness, swelling, bruising, and redness at the injection site. These side effects should only last for a few days. You do need to massage the treated areas 5 times a day for 5 minutes for 5 days.

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