**JW talks about her experience with eyelid surgery and LK talks about her mini-tummy tuck and SmartLipo experience

*Joyce M. had SmartLipo to the chin done by Dr. Liu and talks about her experience.

*Matt R. discusses his experience with Dr. Liu and the SmartLipo procedure to the abdomen.

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*Results may vary

*Written testimonials

*”Dr. Liu was so kind and caring towards me after I had lost faith from my first eyelid surgery. I never thought I could look normal again. Not only did Dr. Liu correct the 1st surgeon’s mistakes, he gave me the look I wanted with the 1st surgery. Anyone who wants to have surgery with Dr. Liu is lucky and can call me anytime because there is no one I would recommend more than him.”

*”Dr. Attenello is the best!!! Perhaps it is her understanding the way us women via beauty but she really took the time to listen to what I had to say and not just interrupt me to tell me what she thought I should do (like other consults I’ve went to)!  My eyelid surgery and facelift healed much faster than I expected and none of my friends know what I did; they just keep saying how refreshed and amazing I look after my vacation (I took a few days off to heal LOL)!  As if a vacation could make someone look 10 years younger hahahaha

*”Another Oculoplastic specialist insisted that I had to have surgery to correct my abnormal eyelid position but I was scared because he told me that it was only 50% that I would look normal even though he claimed he did more of these surgeries than anyone in LA. Dr. Liu told me that we could try a non-surgical approach, something that no one else had ever mentioned to me. Not only was it much safer than surgery, it gave me the result I wanted; Dr. Liu not only alleviated my fears of looking deformed but his creative approach made me look great! Thank you, Dr. Liu!”

*”Dr. Attenello gave me back my confidence after doing such a great job with restoring my hair.  I think everyone has their own insecurities but for me as a guy, it was my hairline and thinning crown.  I had a previous transplant years ago that went well but unfortunately hair continues to fall out.  New tech that they didn’t have decades ago thankfully made it a lot easier to go through this time around.  She definitely understands the artistry of how to make hair transplants look natural and not weird like those old hair plugs which is super important.”

*”I decided on my surgery with Dr. Liu after being in the waiting room with other patients; all I heard and saw were great results from him. It didn’t anymore than that to convince me to have my surgery with him and I am very happy I made that decision.”

*Results may vary

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