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Hair loss is a widely prevalent condition affecting millions of men and women worldwide. Hair loss, aside from the aesthetic issue, can cause one to feel and look much older than they really are. Here at Awaken Aesthetics, we offer comprehensive medical and surgical treatment of hair loss in men and women. Dr. Ahn, our board certified and fellowship trained hair restoration surgeon is dedicated to the art and science of hair transplant and restoration. Only the most advanced technology and techniques are employed here to address your hair loss situation, whether it be the scalp, the eyebrows, or a high forehead.

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Hair Loss

Hair loss is a multifactorial medical condition that affects nearly 40 million Americans. It can be caused by myriad medical problems including thyroid and nutritional disorders, hormonal imbalances such at polycystic ovarian syndrome, and advancing age. Patterned or androgenetic hair loss is hair loss due to the influence of androgen – namely 5-dihyrdoxytestosterone (5-DHT). The modulation of this hormone is the basis for the effectiveness of Propecia (finasteride) in treating patterned hair loss. Because of the varied nature of hair loss in men and women, it is important to see a hair loss expert to determine the correct course of action to address your condition, which may be as simple as supplementing your diet!

Hair Restoration Surgery

Hair transplantation has advanced far past the days of “plugs” which gave patients an unnatural “doll’s hair” look. Modern hair transplantation involves the implantation of single hair units that blend seamlessly with your pre-existing hair, resulting in natural, undetectable results. This is opposed to the old “hair plugs” that were units of multiple hairs that were transplanted together – resulting in the “plug” look.  Now, by being able to transplant hair as either a single, double, or triple follicular unit – this provides a much more natural design and result.  As such, the artistic eye and skill of the surgeon become paramount to satisfying results.

FUE versus Strip Harvest

FUE is a method of hair graft harvest that involves single hair punches to the donor site. Strip harvest is the en bloc harvest of donor’s hair in a strip. The purported benefit of this over the traditional method is the lack of a linear scar as well as faster recovery time. While this is true in some circumstances, FUE is not always the optimal procedure for every patient. Some providers who only perform FUE may be applying it to patients who are better suited with the traditional strip method, costing them unnecessary additional time and expense. It is important to ask your physician about all available methods and why each of them may be better for your specific situation.

Here at Awaken Aesthetics, we perform both FUE and strip harvest and Dr. Ahn will thoroughly discuss all options for you and counsel your best-individualized treatment plan.

It is important to remember that no matter the way the hair is harvested, whether it be strip or FUE, what really matters the most, in the end, is how your newly transplanted hairline looks, feels, and makes you feel.

Hair Transplant in Women / Scar Revision, Beard, Brow, and Body Hair

Women can benefit from hair restoration surgery as much as men do. Hair transplantation can address female pattern hair loss, a high hairline/large forehead, thin eyebrows, or hair loss from trauma, scars, or prior surgery. In addition, using FUE techniques, we can essentially rearrange head and body hair in new and creative ways to give you that fuller bear or thicker mustache you’ve always wanted.

Eyebrow transplantation is a remarkable way to restore or augment one’s eyebrows. There are a variety of reasons why one may have thinning eyebrows – excessive plucking, prior trauma with scar formation, or just genetics.  Either way, eyebrow transplantation is an excellent option to provide or restore natural and full eyebrows.

If you’re interested in learning more about Hair Restoration, please contact Awaken Aesthetics to set up a consultation by calling (310) 791-2233 or by completing the form on this page. Awaken Aesthetics serves the Torrance & South Bay, CA areas.

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