Trendy, Thicker Brows: All About Eyebrow Hair Transplants in Torrance

Thick eyebrows are in: just ask celebrities, actresses, and models.

How can one achieve this look without the headache of daily maintenance, such as using eyebrow pencils, gels, and waxes?

Eyebrow hair transplants in Torrance just might be the answer.

Who Would Benefit from the Procedure?

People with little to no eyebrow hair may want to make their brows look permanently thicker and fuller.

Thin and/or sparse eyebrows can be the result of genetics, illness, aging, over-plucking, or general over-grooming. For instance, women who have continually tweezed and plucked out their eyebrow hairs for years eventually have difficulty growing them back, because the hair follicles have been damaged.

On the other hand, some people are simply born with sparse, light-colored brows that disappear into their skin tone, leaving them with a brow-less appearance.

The solution for these people might be having hair grafts on their eyebrow area to create hair re-growth.

Eyebrow transplants can also enhance the overall look of the face. A stronger, fuller brow creates a frame for the eyes, which emphasizes their size and shape. Thicker brows can also soften the overall facial appearance and make people look younger.

How Do Eyebrow Hair Transplants in Torrance Work?

For eyebrow hair transplants, the patient’s own hair (usually from their scalp, legs, though some specialists have started using leg and arm hair) is used to restore eyebrow hair follicles. This is done using the strip method or Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE).

With the strip method, a small strip of hair is removed, usually from the back of the scalp. The hairs are dissected into individual hairs, which are transplanted to the eyebrows.

The FUE method uses a device that extracts hair follicles individually. These are then transplanted.

For the transplantation step, each individual hair is carefully grafted at the correct angle and in the direction of hair growth on the eyebrows.

Eyebrow transplants are a natural extension of scalp hair restoration surgery, and use many of the same principles.

What Are the Results?

Once treatment is complete, the new hair totally blends with the existing eyebrow hair. The result is natural looking and permanent.

In general, new hairs start growing in anywhere from eight to sixteen weeks after having the procedure. Fully grown-out eyebrow hair (and the desired end result) takes about eight months to a year.

Eyebrow Transplants Are a Natural-Looking Solution to Sparse Brows

For those who want a permanent answer to their sparse, thin, or non-existent eyebrows, an eyebrow transplant could be the ticket.

Unlike eyebrow pencils, waxes, or gels that must be applied daily, eyebrow dyeing, or tattooing, a transplant is permanent. It’s also a much more natural-looking solution. It uses the patient’s own hair, which eventually grows in like the rest of their eyebrow hair.

A full, thick set of brows can define the eyes, soften the face, and generally look more polished. Men and women interested in this procedure should discuss their options with a specialist, who will create an individualized treatment plan.

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