How Long Does Juvederm® Last?

Are you interested in trying out dermal fillers to treat facial volume loss and wrinkles, but not sure how much of an impact they might have on your budget?

As it turns out, dermal fillers can be surprisingly affordable. Let’s take a closer look at how much dermal fillers can cost.

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Average Cost of Dermal Fillers

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average cost of dermal fillers ranges between $600 to $900 per syringe. They go on to break down the average dermal filler costs as follows:

  • Calcium hydroxylapatite dermal fillers (e.g., Radiesse®): $690
  • Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers (e.g., Juvederm® Ultra, Juvederm® Ultra Plus, Perlane, Restylane®, Belotero®): $652
  • Polylactic acid dermal fillers (e.g., Sculptra®): $878

As dermal fillers are an elective treatment, most health insurance policies do not cover the cost of dermal filler injection.

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Which Juvederm Filler is Right for Me?

Are you interested in trying out the anti-aging powers of Juvederm for yourself, but not sure which injection is right for you? 

We’ve got you. Check out our recommendations on how to pick the right Juvederm filler for your needs!

How to Pick the Right Juvederm Filler

While every patient is different, here’s a quick snapshot of the Juvederm family of fillers, including the specific conditions they’re designed to treat. Take a look to see which one may be right for you!

1. Juvederm XC.

This FDA-approved dermal filler is an excellent choice for improving cheek contours for a more youthful feel. Additionally, Juvederm XC can fill in moderate facial wrinkles and lines, especially those located around the nose and mouth.

Juvederm XC is a popular choice with patients who may be nervous about the pinch of the needle. This injectable contains lidocaine, so you should be perfectly comfortable throughout your treatment session.

2. Juvederm Voluma.

Juvederm Voluma is the only FDA-approved dermal filler that’s designed to specifically add volume to the cheeks. Voluma has a thicker hyaluronic acid gel, […]

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