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5 Tips for Recovering from an Eyebrow Lift

Are you interested in undergoing an eyebrow lift to correct sagging and wrinkles around your eyebrows?

If so, it’s safe to say you’re incredibly excited about your results. After all, an eyebrow lift can take years off of your appearance, plus help make you look more rejuvenated, alert, and well-rested.

But in order to achieve those results, it’s important to dedicate plenty of time and energy into having a successful eyebrow lift recovery.

So how exactly can you do that?

5 Tips to Have a Successful Eyebrow Lift Recovery

1. Attend all follow-up appointments.

During your first month of eyebrow lift recovery, your plastic surgeon will schedule a few follow-up appointments to check in on your progress. It’s absolutely important that you attend these appointments, as they’re critical to achieving your optimal results.

While every plastic surgeon is different, you should expect to encounter these follow-up appointments:

  • A session to remove your sutures or stitches from your incisions
  • An appointment to check in on your progress and provide approval for going back to work
  • Another appointment (usually one month after the surgery) to give the green light for going back to your normal gym routine.

2. Move when possible.

During the first week […]

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Do I Need an Eyebrow Lift or an Eyelid Lift

Are you getting enough sleep, but still feel as though you look tired and fatigued? Are you frustrated by the appearance of sagging skin around your eyes, and want a solution that’s going to help you look more refreshed and rejuvenated?

Then you might be an excellent candidate for an Eyebrow and/or an Eyelid Lift. Both procedures are aimed at correcting sagging skin that comes with the aging process. Both procedures have helped patients look more well-rested and refreshed, as well as turned back the clock on their appearance.

But when it comes down to it, which procedure is right for you – an Eyelid and/or an Eyebrow Lift?


Let’s take a look at the differences between the two procedures, as well as how to tell which one you might be a candidate for:

Eyebrow Lift: An Eyebrow Lift is a surgical procedure that’s meant to subtly lift drooping eyebrows. Many patients notice eyebrow drooping once it becomes difficult to apply eyeshadow, as eyelid skin disappears behind the sagging skin. An Eyebrow Lift gently pulls sagging eyebrow naturally taut, which helps correct sagging around the eyes while addressing unconscious forehead use and therefore forehead wrinkles. The goal is to restore the normal position of the eyebrow, not overly […]

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