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Planning Your Recovery: When Should You Get a Facelift Before an Event?

Is there a big event coming up that you want to look absolutely stunning at?

Whether it’s a wedding or a high school reunion, there’s no denying that we all want to look fresh-faced and youthful at a major life event. That’s why so many people look into getting a facelift in order to prepare for this event. If you’re considering doing the same, you might be trying to plan out your recovery so you’re at your very best appearance before the event.

So when it comes down to it, when should you get a facelift before an event?


Here’s how the timeline of your facelift recovery will work:

  • The facelift procedure itself will take about 3 to 5 hours to perform. During this time, your plastic surgeon will make small incisions within the hairline and behind the ears to access key facial muscles. These muscles are pulled taut to address sagging; excess skin is trimmed to show off new results.
  • You’ll need to take about a week off of work; some patients may opt to take two weeks off of work to give bruising and swelling a chance to subside. You can usually wear makeup after the second week.
  • For the first six weeks after the procedure, you’ll […]
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Vampire Facelift vs. Traditional Facelift: Which Is Better?

If you’ve been struggling to treat the appearance of jowls, facial wrinkles, and sagging skin with over-the-counter beauty products, you’re in luck: there are more cosmetic treatments than ever dedicated to giving a youthful appearance back to your face.  At Awaken Aesthetics in Torrance, CA, we’re proud to offer two innovative treatments designed to tackle facial aging:

Both treatments can lead to excellent results, with highly satisfied patients who can’t wait to show off their invigorated new appearance.  However, these treatments are designed to tackle different components of facial aging.  So when it comes down to it, which is better: a Vampire Facelift, or a traditional Facelift?

A Vampire Facelift is an innovative non-surgical procedure that uses platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy to revitalize tired, aging skin.  During the first part of this procedure, a few teaspoons of blood are drawn from the upper arm and placed in a centrifuge for platelet removal.  The second part involves using a micro-needling device to inject the platelets into the facial region.  Growth factors in the platelets increase cellular turnover, which helps address:

What Is the Difference Between Juvederm and Restylane?

When it comes to choosing the right filler for your anti-aging needs, it may seem as though there is a world of options out there.  You’re definitely not wrong – major pharmaceutical companies are continually committed to developing and releasing new fillers designed to minimize the appearance of stubborn wrinkles. As a result, two major fillers have emerged as leaders in the anti-aging injectables field: Juvederm and Restylane.

The only question is, what are the differences between Juvederm and Restylane?

At first glance, there aren’t that many differences between the two.  Both Juvederm and Restylane are dermal fillers that contain hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring compound that increases the skin’s moisture retention and kick-starts collagen production.  Over time and with regular treatments, both dermal fillers can improve the look and feel of skin with the following benefits:

  • Smoother skin
  • Better moisture retention
  • Minimization of wrinkles and fine lines
  • Minimization of deep nasolabial folds


One of the main differences between the two dermal fillers is in the thickness of the hyaluronic acid gels.  When the product is injected into the treatment area, the gel acts as scaffolding to add instant volume.  Restylane has a slightly thicker consistency than Juvederm; however, both dermal fillers have been shown to be […]

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Do I Need a Full Facelift or a Mini-Facelift?

If you’re tired of using anti-aging products to no avail, or you’re frustrated by the slow march of skin toward your jawline, it might be time to consider undergoing a facelift procedure.  Yet making the decision to undergo this procedure might be the easy part – choosing which particular facelift type could prove to be more challenging.

Not all facelift procedures are created equal.  While there are different surgical methods for performing a facelift, there are generally two types of facelift procedures available: a full facelift and a mini-facelift.  Your particular facial aging will determine which procedure you’re a candidate for, as well as what results you can expect from your surgery.

So how do you know if you need a full facelift or a mini-facelift? Answer the following questions:

  • Where is your sagging most prominent? The type of facelift you might need can be determined by where your sagging is located.  If sagging is more prominent around the neck and jawline, a mini-facelift might be a more appropriate procedure.  This surgical treatment addresses sagging muscles and skin only in the lower part of the face. If your sagging is more obvious around your face, a full traditional facelift may be a better option.
  • Do you […]
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What Type of Brow Lifts Does Awaken Aesthetics Perform?

Let’s face it – no matter how much sleep you get or how often you moisturize, you’re still frustrated by the appearance of your forehead, upper eyelids, and even your eyebrows.  You want a better solution for drooping eyelids and furrowed brows – plus, you wouldn’t mind looking a few years younger!

If this sounds like you, then it may be time to discover a range of brow lifts now available at Awaken Aesthetics in Torrance, CA.  A brow lift is a surgical procedure that can be performed to correct the following cosmetic issues:

  • Sagging eyebrows
  • Deep forehead creases
  • Stubborn frown lines
  • Excess skin around the upper eyelid
  • Fatty tissue around the upper eyelid

The bottom line here is that if your brow line makes it difficult for you to display normal facial expressions, you may be a good candidate for any of the following brow lift options at Awaken Aesthetics:

  • Endoscopic brow lift: This surgery is the least invasive out of all the options, as it’s performed with lighted telescopes passed through tiny incisions along the hairline. The telescopes are used to reposition the brows for a younger, more natural-looking appearance.
  • Petrichial brow lift: For clients who have a hairline that is positioned further back, the […]
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How Can Fat Grafting Help Improve Facial Proportions?

Are you confident that the secret to a truly youthful appearance lies in eliminating wrinkles and fine lines?

You might want to guess again: while eliminating wrinkles and fine lines is important for shedding years off your appearance, you should also focus on addressing aging issues associated with facial fat loss. As the body gets older, it begins breaking down crucial fat pads located around the eyes and cheeks. As a result, key facial volume is lost, making wrinkles much more pronounced.

This volume loss is precisely why facial fat grafting has quickly become a popular procedure. Facial fat grafting uses a patient’s own fat to achieve a more youthful appearance; this fat is harvested from other areas of the body, cleaned, and injected into key areas of the face. The procedure has a high success rate, as there’s virtually no risk of the body rejecting your fat. Recovery time is minimal, with most patients able to return back to work within a few days.

One of the many benefits of facial fat grafting is that it allows your surgeon to carefully control what contours are being added. Unlike with implants, a surgeon can carefully inject a controlled amount of fat to the facial area, thus improving […]

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What’s The Downtime With a Facelift Procedure?

Face Lift Torrance, CAWhen it comes to facial wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin, skin creams just aren’t going to cut it.

Sure, those serums and gels may have worked when you were barely out of your twenties. But as you’ve grown older and wiser, you’ve noticed that even the most expensive skincare products aren’t delivering on their promises. That’s why you’re interested in one of the most effective, confidence-boosting treatments for aging facial skin…A facelift!

Why Opt For a Facelift?

If you’re looking for a procedure that will deliver on results, a traditional facelift may be just what you’re looking for. A facelift can target some of the most common signs associated with aging, including:

  • Sagging facial skin
  • Severe wrinkles and lines
  • Drooping brow line and eyelids
  • Emergence of jowls
  • And more!


A facelift procedure addresses aging symptoms by tightening sagging facial muscles and skin, which in turn corrects many of the above issues. Careful incisions around the hairline and behind the ears make it possible for your plastic surgeon to access pivotal facial muscles without leaving a scar! These muscles are pulled up toward the hairline to promote a tighter and more contoured appearance. Skin is positioned to […]

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Five Aspects when considering a Facelift

A facelift or rhytidectomy surgery is one of the most empowering procedures in plastic surgery.  Many people undergo the procedure for a variety of reasons, though mostly patients feel their outer older appearance does not match their more youthful energy.  Before going through a facelift procedure, people should consider the following:


The right motivation is important when undergoing plastic surgery as it could affect how people feel about the outcome. People should already have a good self-image and simply want to rejuvenate their appearance. A facelift may restore a person’s confidence and self-esteem but it won’t necessarily resolve deep-rooted issues in a person’s life.


It’s important people have realistic expectations when undergoing facial cosmetic surgery in Torrance. A facelift can help fine tune a person’s features, reduce wrinkles and enhance their esthetic appeal, which will make them feel better about their appearance. This treatment, however, won’t transform people into something or someone they’re not.  A facelift has the best results when it does not change the patient’s overall identity, but instead rejuvenates their own natural and unique physical characteristics.

Emotional State

People under stress or suffering from an emotional trauma shouldn’t schedule plastic surgery until they have fully recovered. Mental or emotional problems could affect a person’s recovery […]

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What Should I Expect During Recovery From Facial Fat Grafting

Image-for-Awaken-If you’re looking to increase volume in your face, facial fat grafting could be the ideal procedure for you.  As we age, the skin’s collagen and elastin levels begin to break down, which can cause facial sagging.  Additionally, the face begins to lose precious fat around the cheeks and eyes, which can make cheeks and undereyes look hollow.

Many clients may focus on getting skin injectables to smooth away wrinkles and fine lines; however, if you want to look naturally youthful, it’s important to add volume to the face.  That’s where facial fat grafting comes into play.  During this procedure, a plastic surgeon removes fat from a targeted area – usually the stomach, thighs, or hips – and transfers the fat to sunken, hollow areas of the face.

Facial fat grafting can be a great solution for clients who may think they need a facelift or in combination with a facelift.  When fat is added to the face, the extra volume can lift the contours of your face, soften the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, and even lift the skin.  Facial fat grafting is typically performing under local anesthesia, depending on the patient’s desires.

Recovery is […]

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What Should I Expect During Recovery from Facial Fat Grafting


Ever look in the bathroom mirror and wonder how those facial wrinkles seemed to show up overnight?

As we age, our faces lose fat, which can create a sagging effect.  Losing this valuable fat can also cause the cheeks to appearance hollow and gaunt, which further emphasizes facial wrinkles and creases.  That’s why, if you’re looking for the most effective way to treat aging, facial fat grafting is an ideal solution.

This innovative treatment is designed to help replace lost volume in the facial region, as well as minimize the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.  Rather than using a filler to provide this volume, facial fat grafting uses the fat from your own body to instantly volumize your face.  This procedure isn’t just popular due to its high success rate; patients also appreciate the minimal body contouring that comes hand-in-hand with this treatment.

During the fat grafting treatment, the patient selects the part of the body where he or she would like the fat to be taken from.  The plastic surgeon uses local anesthesia to numb the area.  After the fat is harvested and cleaned, the plastic surgeon will inject the fat via syringe in key areas of the face.  Your plastic surgeon can […]

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